1. Sleep

When you stay multiple days in Alkmaar a comfortable bed, a roof above your head and a terrific breakfast is all you need. So, when you visit the city of Alkmaar, your stay is only complete, when you stay at one of the hostels, B&Bs, hotels or bungalows. With a wide range of sleeping places you will find all the information you need on the website Booking.com.

2. Breakfast

If you wake up in the city you obviously want to have a breakfast, if you have been well rested of course. It is possible that your hotel or B&B offers a breakfast service, but if that is not the case, you can look at tripadvisor.nl for the places where you can have a nice breakfast in Alkmaar.

3. Shopping

There is plenty to buy in Alkmaar. In the city center there are three occupied streets with various shops and just outside the center you will find an indoor shopping paradise. You can look at the website alkmaarprachtstad.nl/winkelen for a nice retail overview. You will also find information about the opening hours, the shopping Sunday and the buying evenings.

4. Public transport

Are you going out of town today and would you like to know how to get from A to B? Then use one of the transport websites! On 9292.nl you can find all travel information regarding public transport. And at ns.nl. you can find specific information about the trains.

5. Lunch

When your stomach starts to growl around noon a good lunch would be appropriate. the right question to ask is: but where? The website leuketip.nl has the solution for u. They have made a top 10 for a lunch in Alkmaar. These tips range from lunchrooms to salad bars. So there is something for everybody.

6. Cycling and walking routes

If you’re planning to go outside for a walk or want to go by bike on a journey, you can use the website route.nl for many routes inside and outside Alkmaar. There are more than 60 routes on the website.

7. Coffee stalls

When you’re graving for a cup of coffee or tea, it is useful to know where to go. At the site debestekoffievan.nl/Alkmaar you’ll find the best coffee and thee houses in Alkmaar.

8. Dinner

At nightfall, when you are looking for a suitable restaurant,  you can find more than 150 restaurants on the site iens.nl. You can find multiple cuisines in the city; from Dutch to French cuisines and from low budget to super luxury. Bon appétit!

9. Events

Do you still have energy and do you want to do something fun in Alkmaar? Throughout the year there are various events in Alkmaar. These events are arranged at 1erang.nl. With this site you can immediately see what can do in in the night.

10. Cafes

Finally, you can find the most popular cafés in Alkmaar at www.uit072.nl. Here you can find the best places to close the night.

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