Why are Escape Rooms fun?

Do you love games, where you can resolve riddles with clues and strategies? Then an escape room is the perfect  activity for you to do.

Most people know by now what an escape room is, therefore it’s not re-stated  that in an escape room participants have to unravel a plot within a certain time limit.

How did it begin?

The history of the escape room is less known.

A survey shows that entrepreneurs first hear elsewhere of the concept, after which they set up escape rooms themselves. The organization SCRAP was often appointed by the entrepreneurs. In 2007, a Real Escape Game (REG) was developed by the 35-year-old Takao Kato in Japan. SCRAP published the first Real Escape Room.

After the Japanese introduction, the first ‘rooms’ appeared in places like Singapore around the year 2011. A friend of Kato introduced the escape room in San Francisco. The Netherlands became infected in 2013 and since 2015 dozens of rooms can be found in the Benelux (that’s short for Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands).

As stated earlier, most entrepreneurs derive the development of the escape room from Kato. However, the appointed history sometimes passes common people. There may be other causes. Entrepreneurs who did not know about Kato’s existence pointed to other influences during the questionnaire. Six different sources of inspiration were appointed.

For example, some entrepreneurs explained that they had based the concept of ‘escape rooms’ on the role playing game ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ or interactive haunted houses, such as Sleep No More (an interactive theater in New York).

Escape Room in Alkmaar

In 2016, Escape Room Alkmaar (ERA) opened its doors and today you can choose from six different rooms. The escape rooms are suitable for different age categories. The Wizard School, for example, is ideal for younger children (it’s from 8 years and older), and the rooms difficulty level is customizable. At ERA you can also go for a challenge. Choose The Infinicorp Laboratory, provided that you want to solve many parallel storylines. Other themes are: Mystery, Thriller, Horror and Space Adventure. Practical information can be found on the Escape Room Alkmaar website.


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